Made For Riders, By Riders

Made For Riders, By Riders

As an equestrian myself, I understand the struggles of shopping for apparel when you are needing a variety of sizes, flattering fit/style, and/or on a budget. I have been through this never ending battle myself. For a long time, I thought that I was the problem. I was too tall, too large of a size, or had unrealistic budget expectations. 

I am here to tell you, this is not the case. Your are not the problem. I am determined to make your shopping experience at Derby Clothing Company more positive by having:

  • A variety of sizes to be more accessible to the majority of equestrians
    • 10 to be exact!
    • Allow for tall riders (like myself) have breeches actually covering their ankles
    • say good-bye to the bulky, circulation cutting seam 
  • Flattering waistline at belly button height
    • teenagers, new moms, and seasoned riders all deserve to feel and look their best to focus on performance and personal growth
  • Quality, quality, quality. Always our main priority.

Zero Gravity Breech in Cloud Grey    Watari Breech in Champagne

Every equestrian is valued the same in our company. In every style and colour we carry the most common sizes as well as much smaller and larger for a total of 10 sizes from European 32 to European 50 (US equivalent 20 to 38). A built in boot sock allows a seamless bottom around the ankle to eliminate any rubbing, pinching, and bulk under tall boots or chaps. Like any sock, they also give flexibility in length for taller riders to have the same length fit as other riders. 

Maria and Bea at Goodmatch Farm in Courtenay, BC
There is nothing worse than constantly having to retuck your shirt when you are at a clinic or horse show. This is why I have designed all our breeches with a medium-high rise to sit at belly button level. No more muffin tops, no more retucking of shirts, and hello to comfortable flattering breeches that you can wear all day long. 

Calypso Breech in Cinderella Blue   Zero Gravity Breech Knee Patch

Our double wide waistband gives riders the opportunity to wear up to a 2" wide belt. This will ensure breeches stay in place (no more constantly pulling breeches up the leg and repositioning the waistband on our body). It will hug all body types, making them have flawless, flattering figures. In addition our forgiving fabric that molds to your body shape (have hips? No problem!) in just one use. With no expense spared, this fabric is extremely durable and will never lose its shape.

I stand behind my brand and my products. Quality is always my main priority, which is why our breeches go through a minimum of 3 quality checks before even hitting our online website. This ensures that every pair is the same as the next, as I would never sell what I would not buy myself. I am proud to say, our original breech shipment is still washing up like new, without stains, rips, or compromised seams in every day barn use. 

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